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For our Clinicians and Associates

This page contains links to restricted information and applications. All patient medical information is confidential and subject to the provisions of State and Federal law,and use of applications delivered via Health First's Internet site requires review and compliance with our Internet Information Systems Usage Policy. More information

Information Center - Check here to receive updated information during local emergencies.

FIRST Access - Now available to the physician and office staff. Electronic online chart access. Radiology reports and images, Laboratory results, Transcribed documents, including electronic signature capabilities for chart deficiencies. No token required!

PACS Radiology - System requirements for first time users of our Picture Archiving and Communications System.

HIPAA Training for Business Associates, Students, and Vendors

HIPAA information - The Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act (HIPAA) outlines how health information must be secured to maintain patients' privacy. It also establishes Federal Standards for formats and data content for electronic transmission between all healthcare providers.

Internet information systems usage

Secure Health First web applications require secure authentication using a password generating token as well as a web browser capable of initiating 128-bit SSL encrypted sessions.  If you are not a Health First employee or patient care giver you will not be granted access these systems.

Obtaining a Health First token

Instructions for authenticating with your token

Locating the required web browser software

 Practitioner System Access

General Health First web applications do not require token authentication for access, but they do require valid Health First system accounts. If you are not a Health First employee or patient care giver with a valid account you will not be granted access these systems.

Any copies of restricted information made from this site, whether hardcopy or electronic, must be handled with the same level of confidentiality as an original medical record, and the use of this information shall be restricted only to the use intended. State and Federal laws prohibit you from making any further disclosure of such information without the specific written consent of the patient or legal representative.

Users agree to comply with all applicable laws and regulations governing the use of computer and telecommunication technology, specifically Chapter 815, Florida Statutes, Computer Crimes Act, and Title 18, U.S.C., Electronic communications Privacy Act of 1986. Account owners agree to prevent unauthorized use by others and to report intrusions or any other inappropriate activity to the systems administrators. Any violatjavascript:buildPage(true)ions shall result in immediate loss of network and computer access privileges, and suspected criminal violations shall be reported to the appropriate law enforcement agencies.

Internet Information Systems Usage Policy


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